The Bitter and the Sweetness

The Bitter and the Sweetness


If I preach to the elect, my preaching is stronger than that love which fixed the to salvation. Well, these will only be saved if they are found by the Great Commission- If you elect not found by the Great Commission will be lost or be saved anyway?
If you elect not found by the Great Commission, will be saved anyway, or let down gently by the way? Let it be without God in the world? Or preach the gospel of Jesus Christ that can even save every sinner who believe?

Another Statement:
The Jews who were burned alive in the furnace prepared by Hitler were predestined to die like that? And the dog Hitler predestined to do what he did? So, the culprit is the Jews who were predestined and Hitler a mere executor of a will superior?
Predestination is inconsistent with reason and with Divine love.
Bishop I.f. Barreto


About barrosh F.

Bishop of Methodist Renewal Church
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