The initial expansion of the cosmos The potential difference:

The initial expansion of the cosmos


The potential difference:


The potential difference between two points A and B of a field gives the numerical work that would accomplish the same to take from A to B the unit of mass or charge.

Like any work is measured by multiplying force, ie, the action of the field by the distance A<>.B. The product is obtained by means of an integral, because the force continuously decreases as the distance increases.


To perform the computation is necessary to know the relationship between the force and distance, i.e. the function which connects the variation of the force variation in the distance depending on the nature of the field considered. In gravitational and electrostatic fields, for example, it is observed that the strength decreases with the square of the distance the particle generator field, which allowed the formulation of law called “the inverse square”.

Enc.Britânica. thus: (a: 1:. b: x) = x b1 / a

Initial Cosmic Expansion: 5x 9.46 – (√ 9.46) = 44.23 trillion km ..

From the Book: Beginning of Heaven and Earth

So is believable considering the initial expansion of the cosmos in light years since the world was created by the light (or) within five days of a light year every day, in my book  i have concluded:The Start  of Heaven and Earth that expansion the cosmos is 44.23 trillion light years, much longer than is  traditionally imagined. So this is  a measure immeasurable.

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