The New Pope …

We have a new Pope and what will happen?

It is apt that the cardinals of the Roman Catholic church, faced with a excruciatingly tricky choice, went and picked a surprisingly complex pope, the Cardinal Jorge Mario Borgoglio..
The headline is surprising: The Argentine pontiff´ style and origins are new but his ideas are conservative.

Es conveniente que los cardenales de la Iglesia Católica Romana, se enfrenta a una elección terriblemente complicado, el Papa fue elegido un sorprendentemente diferente de todos los papas anteriores sí.
El título es una sorpresa: “El estilo y el origen del pontífice argentino son nuevas, pero sus ideas son conservadoras.

What do we expect?

The catholic people, wait the same, a Pope who preached to poor’s, and wanted  to continue preaching and left the images in same place in the altars,but everyone wait too of him beyond of the preaching.

Opinions about the new pope is that he presents a new, but will need to act with urgency if you want to change.
The reports disclose: “He needs to to act fast.”


All this symbolism will count for little, though, if nothing changes. Despite his age and his closeness to the conservative Benedict, Francis may be a reformer, if is hand to imagine a man who ditched his limousine and palace in Bueno Aires and took the bus to work from a humble flat putting up with nonsense from Vatican smoothies. In Europe religion may be declining in Latin America Christianity- albeit of many kinds- is still thriving . He is also an outsider in another sense: the first jesuit to become pope.

El simbolismo
Todo este simbolismo servirá de poco, sin embargo, si nada cambia. A pesar de su edad y de su cercanía con el conservador Benedicto XVI, Francis puede ser un reformador, si es la mano de imaginar a un hombre que abandonó a su limusina y el palacio en Bueno Aires y tomó el autobús para trabajar a partir de un piso humilde aguantar tonterías de smoothies del Vaticano . En la religión de Europa puede estar declinando en América Latina cristianismo-aunque de muchas clases-todavía está prosperando. También es un extraño en otro sentido: el primer jesuita para convertirse en Papa.

Holy writ

What should he do? A secular newspaper has to divide its suggestions into two groups: reformer to church doctrine that many conservative Catholics, including Francis, may disagree with; and managerial ones that all Catholics can support.

¿Qué debe hacer? Un periódico secular tiene que dividir sus propuestas en dos grupos: el reformador de doctrina de la Iglesia que muchos católicos conservadores, entre ellos Francis, pueden no estar de acuerdo con, y unos directivos que todos los católicos pueden apoyar


The “Holy Writ” in this subject  refers to of Pope’s statements in relation to the doctrine and faith

The popes from the past have built a barrier of protection to pedophiles, now he the new pope, should open the floodgates for them to go out from the Catholics Churches.

Since Luther’s Reformation and the the Counter Reformation  now  the Catholic Church is in a time of a great discontent,meanwhile any action will cause  some damage  and no action will cause a greater than damage and a general discontentment, and even stampede to evangelical churches.

From The Economist
March 16th 2013

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